Thursday, September 20, 2007

Revisiting Punch Needle

Since I posted about punch needle last month and showed a photograph of a partially finished piece, I thought I'd show you the finished piece this month.

This is an easy and fun way to use a finished needle punched design. I simply cut out around the piece and hemmed it, then stitched it to a piece of heathered green wool. To make the edge more presentable, I made a twisted cord using two of the lighter color wools I punched design with. I hand stitched that around the design, cut another piece of green wool, sewed it up on the machine and stuffed it with wool. Voila! A little pillow to put on your couch or to use as a pinkeep.

The same process can be used to apply a finished needle punch to a cloth bag. You can see a version of this on the Primitive Gatherings website this month. I punched a pumpkin and sewed it to a canvas tote to make a trick-or-treat bag. You can also glue them to a nicely painted paper mache box -- just be sure to use archival glue.

Happy Punching!

Hallowedhill Primitives

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Lana said...

Thanks Sarah! I think that's what kept me from making more punch needle pieces ~ now I know things to do to finish it off.