Monday, September 17, 2007

Flea Market Hints

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Isn't this sweet? I found this vintage advertisement postcard at the flea market. I just LOVE shopping at flea markets, garage sales, yard sales, estate sales, ect. ect.:o) just never know what you may find.
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Look at these cool hymn books...I got these at the flea market at a great price!

I like finding small pieces like these to use with my works...I also like finding pieces to put in my home. Here are some hints when shopping the flea markets:

1. Set a budget...Always decide how much you will take before you go...and take that amount...that way you won't over-spend...and have your money in small bills..

2. Have an idea as to what you're looking for...make a list of things you would like to find. But you never know, you may find that unexpected treasure...something you didn't even know you wanted!!

3. Wear comfy'll be walking alot, so maybe don't wear your Manolo's....

4. As far as the time to go, well, I've gone both early and later. The general consensus is that the people will negotiate more later in the day, because that's one less thing to pack up. But I have also gotten good deals in the early morning...

5. Try to negotiate...hey, the worst the sellers can do is to say "no"...and if it's too much money and out of your budget, just walk away...Unless it's something you can not LIVE without..LOL!!

6. Don't be disappointed if you can't find anything to buy. It's feast or famine at the Flea Market...I have walked away many times without buying anything(much to my hubby's glee)

7. Most important: HAVE FUN!

The above items I am using for a dollie that I am listing this week on Ebay...

Primitive Blessings to You!!


SweetAnnee said...

Thanks for the TIPS
and LOVE your finds!!!
fondly, Deena

Lana said...

Yes, thank you for the tips!

Hallowed Hill Primitives said...

Like I have a pair of Manolos to leave behind!

Great advice! Love all your finds.