Friday, September 21, 2007


Hath Thou Blessed Pumpkins for Hallow's Eve??????

Last evening past, as I sit working on dollys, I caught Winifred Thicket tipping her nose to sample the aire from the open window. "I feel the 'nip' is upon us" she said in a slightly Reverend tone.........I didn't think much about it really....Winifred is always pacing around the studio, looking out the windows~ especially in the evening.

This morning as I entered the studio, there was a strange commotion....the girls were restless with a bit of fright in their eyes. Winifred was NOT by her window! Goody Partlett promptly stated that Winifred had said ...."It is thyme for thy work to be done"...........I was shocked! The girls know no one is ever to leave the Inn without ME! Well I knew exactly where she had gone, and grabbed my camera to see if I could catch a peek at her~

She was out in the withering vines, delicately dancing from Pumpkin to Pumpkin, blessing each one.
The vines have begun to die back, revealing WAY more than the 4 each I allotted the children to grow on each of their bushes.........I think we will designate Oct 1st as our pumpkin harvesting day each year. Especially since the Pumpkin Queen has blessed them so......Jayson wants to plant some of the GIANTS next year~ I suppose the Pumpkin King will be required to bless those.................

One last wave of her pumpkin wand and all is right in the world....of pumpkins

-Rachael Kinnison, Diamond K Folk Art


Barbara said...

Oh MY!!! Winifred, thou truely art GORGEOUS out amongst the TRUE fruit of the vine!!! Those silly olde winemakers know NOTHING of the lovely pulp thou hast blesst!
Thankyou dear Innkeeper, for the peek at what goes on yonder! :-)
LY, Mom

Lana said...

Rachael! Your storytelling is so much fun to read! Your dollys are gorgeous too!

Hallowed Hill Primitives said...

I'd like a hard copy off this tale with color photos please.........just enchanting!!