Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Handmade Soap to wash your blues away!

Well, I certainly hope that Christmas this year is a happier shade of blue! Especially for those stuck in the frigid temps of the North!
As for me, I am stuck in 80 degree weather here in Florida! Now before you'll "hiss and spit at me" for complaining just think about it for a minute.........its just not Christmas without a bite in the air and a wee bit of snow on the ground now is it?!

I have been so busy making my homemade soap and potpourri that I have had lttle time for anything else. Finally after 3 months of filling orders and long sleepless nights I am taking a break to re-discover my family! LOL!

So here is to all of you wonderful artisans, crafters and sisters who work your fingers to the nub just because you love what you do! I raise my glass of Eggnog to all of you (with Rum of course!).
"May your days be Merry and Bright and may all your Christmas's be white!"

Sweet Harvest Farms

Monday, November 3, 2008

Suds and Hugs!

I am so glad that the soap I sent is helping with the dryness and helping to hydrate your skin. When you need a few more bars just let me know!

I am so proud and honored to be a part of such a wonderful group of Artisans! It has almost been 2 years already! Can you believe it!?

The markets are picking up and I am up to my elbows in soap keeping up with the orders! I am in talks with Whole Foods at the moment, so keep your fingers crossed!

At your request I have added a recent testimonial from a customer. It brought me to tears!
My name is Marty, I am a pediatric nurse in St. Pete, Fl. I met you on Saturday at Macdill AFB. I was very happy to see you there because my daughter had purchased some soap from you several months ago, since then, I have been hoping that you would be back and luckily for me you were there. In October of last year, I colored my hair with a dye I purchased from a local store, and I had a terrible allergic reaction. My hair fell out and I had a terrible rash that eventually spread from my head to my entire body. I had seen 5 or 6 doctors who (of course), refused to believe that this was from the hair dye. Finally, after I had researched myself, I decided to change soap as I had such a bad reaction that my entire immune system was in hyperdrive. I changed to your soap. Then I laid in the sun (nude as it covered my whole body) and guess what, the rash was gone in just a matter of hours. I continue to use the soap because it has done wonders for healing my skin and keeping the rash away. Thank you!! I think that if we get back to more natural and old fashioned ways of taking care of ourselves, we would be much better off. The doctors are amazed and cannot believe that all their medications and theories and all the lab work and the biopsies were WRONG. Anyway thanks again and please keep making soap. I have told my friends and they look forward to using your product. As a matter of fact, I shared some of the soap I purchased with a friend who is having the same problem. I'm sure she'll be happy with the results.

Thanks again, Marty Benner


Sweet Harvest Farms


Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Primitive Gathering , New Creations

Netty LaCroix

Wildberry Gatherings (a new artists)
Pear Tree Primitives


The Blackberry Briar (she also has some awesome candles)

Bushel and Peck

Hallowed Hill Primitives

High Button Shoe

Mustard Seed Originals

Honeysuckle Lane

See all our offerings HERE

Monday, September 1, 2008

Our September 1st Offerings

Olde Raggs USA

Primitive Stitchin'
The Eclectic Co

Pineberry Lane

Raven Hare's Cabin

Whendish Bears

Primitive Bettys

Happy Labor Day From All Of Us

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Look For Our Ad

in the Holiday edition of Early American Life magazine, on newstands mid September.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Another School Year

Can you believe summer vacation is over, or almost over for some? Ours has ended and we are back at school. We started this past Wednesday and it was difficult to get back into the flow after summer break!

This is the third year our family has home schooled. Both of my sons have Autism and after trying various schools, (and fighting for services!), home school was an alternative to traditional public school that was a great fit for our family. Although I have my degree in education and have taught in the public schools, it is still very different when you teach your OWN kids!
But, with the help of our online school, we have had success each year.
Our school provides the curriculum and I provide the instruction. Which is nice for me...I don't have to hunt down curriculum, it is all there for us....books and all!

Here is a link to our school if you'd like to take a peek. It is not ALL online, just logging in attendance each day and some subjects, like Science have online worksheets.
And, we meet once a week at the "brick and mortar" school where the boys have face to face time with a teacher who helps with lessons they may be having difficulty finishing.

So, here is to another year of learning and fun! (and a little bit of exhaustion for Mom!)

Suzanne~ Pear Tree Primitives/Painter of the Past

Friday, August 15, 2008

New Offerings for the 15th

come visit
Here is just a peek of what we have to
Bushel & Peck Herb Bags

High Button Shoe drieds

Witch from Down the Rabbit Hole

Awesome Prim dolls, from Ghost Island

Make do's from Hallowed Hill Primitives

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Our Day Trip

My family took a day trip to
Cades Cove
a few days ago. Now I did mind that it took 3 hours to make a normal 1 hour trip. But I should have expected it...being the 4th of July weekend. Once I get in the mountains heading to the "loop", I remember why I loved this place so much growing up.

Aunt Becky lived on the land

As a child I was always drawn to the history here...the lifestyle. As I think about our economy today, and all the madness around me, I it possible to return to this way of life. Living simply...farming...growing our own food, and making our own clothing. A true sense of the word "make-do". Ah, yes, I can dream.

All the buildings and structures are open, so you can see inside each of them. There are also many hiking trails, one being Abram's Falls, which I remember taking as a seemed as though we would never get there. We anticipated dipping in the water as it was always so hot, then once in the water...well, it's always cold! We could never remember that. I never grew out of wanting to be with my family...still if my Daddy called and wanted to take a ride, I'd gladly say yes.

I hope you've enjoyed your visit with me.
If you are ever in the area, give me a hollar, and we'll travel to the loop with a picnic lunch and spend the day. Still all these years later, it's serene...peace...quit... I can almost hear the fields calling. While your here, come visit my new blog Gathering Hope

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 4th

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Making Hay........

Greetings.....well this tyme of year, making hay, is rather bitter sweet. While enjoying all that this hard work brings, this a tyme to get ready for the winter cold and snow.....

The process, first trying to guess the weather so you have enough tyme to cut, rake, bale and bring in the hay, all while not getting wet.......

All the senses are involved in this, and the ones I enjoy most are the sights and smells.....first the tall grass, waist high, gently bending in the wind, looks like waves of water...this in itself is a beautiful site. Then the cutting and raking, laying in rows, gathering together, neat, clean, fresh.....and rolling into hugh bales. They roll out of the baler....all tied up, ready to be up for winter. The smell of fresh cut hay and the dried hay bales should be bottled, how sweet a perfume.....and when the sun sets, the air gets heavy, the smell is even stronger, coupled with the honeysuckle blooming on the fence rows...well, no day in the city could bring such pleasure.....

The older I get the more I aprreciate such simple pleasures....every day I talk a walk around the hay field, through the woods.....and every day I see something new, delight in all that life brings me.......

Saturday, May 24, 2008

~Memorial Day Weekend~

~Wishing you a safe and Happy Memorial Day Weekend~
Suzanne~ Pear Tree Primitives/Painter of the Past

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Farmer Boy

Greetings from Remember When Farm...well if I am going to brag on my grandchildren I have to include them all.
Ethan is my youngest grandchild, he is 20 months old. He is also my first grandson, I was blessed with two daughters and two granddaughters until my little farmer boy came along!!!
As some of you may know I watch my grandchildren during the helping raise this little boy is something new to me. But, with that said it is so much fun!!!! He loves to throw rocks, play in dirt, ride anything with wheels, pick up any animal, ride any animal, pick up sticks, climb anything if he thinks he needs to reach higher ground, and eat and eat !!!!! Ethan brings alot of laughter into this farmhouse.
Also, since my husband is now retired and can devote more time to his farm work Ethan is right there to ride the tractor. He usually wears a cap, like most farmers, which hides his white blond hair, that sticks up like, well.... a rooster.
My grandchildren are a big part of my life so I enjoy sharing them with you. But alas....this fall another addition to our family, grandchild number 4 ! ...blessings, from the farmer's wife

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Remember When Farm

"Here is a picture of some Springville, Indiana farm girls, Kaitlyn (5 1/2) and Emily (3), with their miniature horse whose name is Special.....their mom (my daughter Susan) and dad raise miniatures.
The girls live behind us here at Remember When Farm....and my other daughter, her husband and son Ethan (1 1/2) live by us also.
I will share his picture next time. My family and all that that goes with them here at this "Special" place is what life is all about....I feel very blessed....Linda, (wife, mother, grandma, friend) at Remember When Farm

Celebrating One Year , Here are the Winners

old this month. Our artist are giving away
creations to celebrate!

Henny Penny Prims woolen seed bag**
COOKIE, tis yours!!

Ghost IslandPrimitives doll,
congratss to Debbie Daily

SweetAnnee tiny mermaid box,
Tis yours Misselaineous!!

Thistlebrooms Primitives needle roll

& inside
Congrats to Diana

Primitive Stitchin pin keep,

Raven Hare's Cabin ornament,

The Primitive Window painted tin cup,
congrats to Brenda

Olde Raggs USA huswife bag,
tis yours Scrappy Jessi

Pear Tree Primitives greeting cards
tis yours Teresa~~

Honeysuckle Lane greetings cards,
Carol C, they are yours!

Church soap & candles, congrats
Four Sisters in a Cottage

The Eclectic Company painting, congrats
Susan Minor

Yesterdayes game board measures 12x12 and is an historic reproduction original dated circa 1880. This board retails $135.00,
Gayle it is now yours!!

Bushel & Peck $25.00 gift certificate for her creations,

tis yours Linda

Netty LaCroix hanging wax heart
congrats to The Feathered Nest

To enter the drawing comment on this post. Each item will have a different winner, mailed to you by the creator

Be sure we can notify you ..Drawing held on May 5th & winners

posted. Come back to see if YOU were a winner

We'll have winners email us through our website

if we are not able to contact them directly.

winners posted here TODAY, May 4th, 2oo8
congrats to all

**Thanks to ALL of you**