Thursday, July 10, 2008

Our Day Trip

My family took a day trip to
Cades Cove
a few days ago. Now I did mind that it took 3 hours to make a normal 1 hour trip. But I should have expected it...being the 4th of July weekend. Once I get in the mountains heading to the "loop", I remember why I loved this place so much growing up.

Aunt Becky lived on the land

As a child I was always drawn to the history here...the lifestyle. As I think about our economy today, and all the madness around me, I it possible to return to this way of life. Living simply...farming...growing our own food, and making our own clothing. A true sense of the word "make-do". Ah, yes, I can dream.

All the buildings and structures are open, so you can see inside each of them. There are also many hiking trails, one being Abram's Falls, which I remember taking as a seemed as though we would never get there. We anticipated dipping in the water as it was always so hot, then once in the water...well, it's always cold! We could never remember that. I never grew out of wanting to be with my family...still if my Daddy called and wanted to take a ride, I'd gladly say yes.

I hope you've enjoyed your visit with me.
If you are ever in the area, give me a hollar, and we'll travel to the loop with a picnic lunch and spend the day. Still all these years later, it's serene...peace...quit... I can almost hear the fields calling. While your here, come visit my new blog Gathering Hope

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 4th