Monday, April 28, 2008

An Open House

I'm happy being blue!
I've decided to have a Spring Open House on my website
todayMonday, April 28th at 7:00 p.m. Eastern time. I hope you'll have a chance to stop in (teaser picture above!) Last weekend my Mom and I went on a little trip and found some neat old things. I've been sewing lots of one of a kinds also. I have so many ideas but never enough their anyone who knows anything about time management??? Also I'm going to add a sale tab ~ I've been cleaning house!
I've been working with lots of blues favorite color! It just makes me happy. I have it everywhere. My home is predominately in blues. My sewing room walls are even painted "atmosphere blue", a wonderful Restoration Hardware paint color. Someday I will show you pictures of that room but at the moment it is a mess. I even found this neat old wire gate last weekend which I have a new garden already planned out in my head for that!Speaking of gardening the wild violets are blooming here in PA.

Lydia and I love to sit in the yard and pick a large little bouquet. They smell heavenly when in a vase. She also loves to eat their sweet little petals.

Did you know that an ounce of violets has five times more vitamin C than a glass of orange juice and about three times more vitamin A than spinach. Hows that for a fact. I'm sure I'm know as the crazy plant lady here in the neighborhood ~ hee hee!
This morning I watched the robins gathering weeds and dried grass for a nest. I think they are amazing...little miracles really. Can you imagine making your "nest" with your mouth? We need our thumbs! I watched them yesterday to see where they are building but I think they were on to me. Such busy little things they are. This morning after Lydia went to school I came back and watched again from the window and found it. Soon it will be filled with pretty blue eggs. It will be fun to watch the little birds grow also. Now didn't I tie that all in nicely?? Have a BLUE sky sunny day today!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Spring Snow?

The "locals" tell us that this sort of weather is normal for this time of year....but I think they are just as surprised by our indecisive weather as we are and don't want to admit it!

Our family lives in Boise, Idaho and last week we woke up to an inch of snow! Then last weekend, we had temps in the 60's (which was wonderful!) with spring-like weather.

Who knows what this weekend may hold?? Sleeting hail? Oh wait, we had that this morning.
Has Spring arrived in your area?

Suzanne ~Painter of the Past~

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