Friday, February 1, 2008

From the pen of Olde Raggs USA

Happy belated New Year To All !! Way before the New Year began, I was thinking of something that needed my attention, something that I really needed to work on.

That being my Soul! Thoughts of how long I have neglected my soul,how long I have kept it without nourishment, how long I have been unaware ! This is not a New Year's resolution, those are usually headed for failure,in my case. Yes, I would like to loose 15 pounds, Yes, I would like to start taking my vitamins again, Yes, Yes and Yes!! There are things about me that I like, And things that I don't like!

So, how does this relate to my Soul?? I believe that every action,every word,every thought gets directly filtered through the soul! I envision the Soul as a brilliant sphere , a separate entity living in me, and only I am responsible for it's care and well-being! I MUST Mother it,protect it and enrich it ! Everything is left behind when we leave this world..but the soul lives and continues on !

I feel that if we all attended to our Soul's,That we could make a difference in OUR lives and the lives of others..Or is that just what I feel?? How about YOU!!!



Robin said...

This is sooo true !!! What a great reminder !!!

Anonymous said...

Found you in Blog land. Glad I did. Enjoyed your latest. I was tagged for the first time and asked to make a list of "why it's great to be me." I did some soul-searching myself in doing this.

Karen Eileen

Collecting said...

Thanks for sharing these thoughts. It should touch anyone wanting a change. I love the Psalm 23:3 He restoreth my soul...Isaiah 6:5 says...Woe is me! I am undone: because I am a man of unclean lips...In this day and time and because of the times. We are all in need of soul seaching.
Be safe in Jesus!

Anonymous said...

A special message...lets all think about these things!
Thanks Angela!