Thursday, October 25, 2007

Welcome Fall

After leaving Washington state to live in Arizona for 9 years, our family missed the changing of the seasons. Now that we are back in the Northwest and living in Idaho, we are appreciating each season's offerings.....well, the snow is pretty at first, and then.....

Here are some photos of our yard; front and back. The colors of Fall are everywhere and are truly lovely. Just wish this season lasted a little longer.

The mountain range photo (well, they are actually "hills" ) is outside our front door.
This photo of the top of our tree was taken at night.
Looks like it's glowing!
Happy Fall!

Suzanne~ Pear Tree Primitives

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Anonymous said...

Suzanne! The views from your house are conducive to laziness! It's so beautiful there that I'd want to sit on your porch and just gaze. Thanks for the pictures!