Saturday, October 6, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddio! October 7th

Hi Everyone!

I couldn't wait for my turn for to blog... because I'd like to introduce you to a VERY special man in my life. He's tall, and handsome and has a dashing smile... he's even been known to flirt a little! And at 76? if that isn't Primitive or Vintage... (i'm going to pay for that comment)

Now this isn't just an everyday, run of the mill man here. He's helpful, and funny, and wise, and intelligent... did I mention good looking?

His name is Don and tomorrow (October 7th) is his 76th Birthday!

Yep, you guessed it... this is my very own Daddio.

I didn't have the money this year to buy him a new fishing boat, or buy a big new truck... but I thought this would be a wonderful little gift in itself... giggles.

Just a thank you Dad for all the times you've been there for me. Thank you for the time you painted my tricycle and let me watch... I'll never forget you putting the vaseline on the metal parts so they wouldn't get paint on them. I remember all the times we went to Grandma's after church, and we stopped and got donuts before getting to her house... Thank you for always letting me pick out some of my own favorites at that old Jolly Pirate Donut shop.

Thank you for all the times you helped me with my homework also! Do you remember you and I sitting and working on Math for so long? Thank you also for ALL the times you worked on my car. All I had to say was "Dad there's a noise" and bang, you'd be working on it in the garage. You'd always watch over me with oil changes and tire checking for air...

Thanks also for all the kicks in the rear when I needed it...

Thank you for walking me down the isle at my wedding... AND thank you for getting us out of trouble with Mom when you and I were back there gabbing and we weren't paying attention, and she had to walk down the isle to get us and through gritted teeth said "GET down that isle"... oh she wasn't happy was she. LOL

Thank you for being the Most Proud Grandpa in the world when you were told I was having your first Grand Baby! You went and bragged to anyone who'd listen!

Thank you for believing in me, and loving me and always caring about me...

Thank you for being a decent man, who would help anyone. You have been a moralistic man who stood by his beliefs. You supported your family and made a home for us. You loved us all and we all know it.
But mostly, Thank you for being my Daddio.

Happy Birthday Dad!
I love you!

One more thing! Thank you for picking Mom to marry! I love her too!

Jean Witt

Bluejean Primitives


Lana said...

Awww Jean! Your Daddy sounds wonderful! He and your Mom make a cute couple!

SweetAnnee said...

How wonderfully sweet, make sure Daddie sees it
and Happy Birthday to your dad!!

Hallowed Hill Primitives said...

Wish Daddio a happybirthday for me, Jean!


Anonymous said...

That was nice of you! Good luck with your show this month.

Lorraine said...

Happy Birthday to Jean's Dad!!:o)

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day daddio!