Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hi from Pear Tree Primitives

I'm Suzanne of Pear Tree Primitives. My family has lived in Boise, Idaho for almost two years now. We moved after my husband completed his doctoral degree in music at Arizona State....(I know what you're thinking, what's he going to do with that?) Well, he taught one year, a sabbatical replacement, at Boise State and we didn't want to move is very pretty here in Idaho and we have family in the NW, so we stayed and now he teaches part-time at a local high school and is a part-time music director at our church...he says, someday when he grows up, he wants to have a full-time job!

We have two sons (12 and almost 15) and this past year I home schooled both of them... we just survived our first year! And when I'm not busy with my boys, I enjoy painting and creating folk art. My husband enjoys woodworking, and when he has time, will make small wooden wares for Pear Tree Primitives.

Back to Boise...having lived in AZ for 9 years, it is a nice change to live where there are seasons...although, just a few weeks of snow would be nice. I'm also enjoying gardening again. When I managed to get something to stay alive in AZ, I felt a great sense of accomplishment! But in this climate, plants are flourishing...and I even started some flowers from seed! (Something that would not be easy to do in AZ).

Here are a few photos of my garden. The sweet peas were started from seed and have really gone wild! I did manage to start a small herb garden in AZ and now have started one here. Some are cooking herbs, but mostly I like their fragrance and flowers.

We inherited a row of lilac trees and a front hedge of roses. I've had to learn how to care for roses...mostly I just leave them alone and they are fine!
This year we planted a berry garden. So far, the squirrels are enjoying a nice breakfast every morning! But we've had a few strawberries, marionberries, blackberries and raspberries too!

Lavender is one of my favorite fragrances and plants, and our lavender bed has been beautiful this year. The lambs ear likes this spot too!

Here is a photo from our front yard...we live across from a wetlands preserve, and then beyond you can see the foothills.

When we moved into our home, one of the first things we planted was a pear tree! This year it is producing some pears...they are cute, but I don't think we will be eating them!
Thanks for letting me share a bit of Boise with least what you can see from my yard!

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Sylvia Anderson said...

Suzanne~ Thank you for sharing your lovely garden with us! I just love your little pear tree!! Too cute! :)

SweetAnnee said...

Looks so inviting
and I LOVE your pear tree.
Idaho looks very western...
thanks for sharing.

Gramma Sue said...

I am happy to see primitive, folky people in Boise. I am moving there next week and can't wait to get in the swing of things! I love your art!