Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Bluejean Life In Kentucky

You've all heard you can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl. My mother is living proof of that.

Following her here to Central Kentucky, after living in Columbus, Ohio and the Chicagoland area for all my life, I really wasn't sure if I was going to like this country way of living. It didn't take long before I fell hard for this place. It doesn't matter where you go, how far you take a drive or walk... Kentucky is full of breath taking beauty!

All you boaters and fisherman out there... look at this picture of Green River. Blue water... surrounded by nature's beauty and there's tons of fish to be had there.... just bring a rod and some bait! This River is long! 300 miles of gorgeous water. Flathead Catfish, Bowfin, Blue Sucker and Freshwater Drum are some of the fish here... but don't forget there's the famous Lake Cumberland not too far away either.

The barns everywhere! One time I lost count at 100 barns just driving to my parents house 25 miles away. I guess that's where I got the idea for my logo. Every barn here has a different personality also.... some house animals or farm equipment while others dry tobacco. Of course this picture is of a newer one, and there are some that are hundreds of years old.... good old primitive wood... hard as a rock!

When I first moved here, the locals were calling this area "Little Texas". Of course how I am... I just had to find out why. There's so many cattle and oil wells here... along with Horses that it's just like a Little Texas! I forgot how many different kinds of cows there are in this world, but I can guarantee that every kind is right here. We even have some Long Horn Cattle. (and no, I've never been cow tipping) LOL

Imagine seeing 100 cattle just grazing on these gorgeous fields and pastures while driving through curvy roads on a sunny day. Are you seeing how I just love it here?

This picture isn't anything special here, it's just down the road some.... but at night there's always deer in this field... I'm talking 50 deer sometimes. Of course I'm an animal lover and I never had seen anything like that growing up.

This is another picture of Green River, but this is one of the spots where you can find me playing with my new puppy, Riley. There's a beach right on the edge of the water there and she just runs and plays until she's worn out.

Out here in Central Kentucky where I live now.... there isn't any planes to be heard, there's no smog... no major traffic jams or toll booths. You share the road with the local Amish in horse drawn buggies and you chat with your neighbor. People wave when they pass you in a car here and yes, sweet tea really IS a southern thing! I've learned what bush hogging is, I've learned how to bag corn, I've learned to say "Ya'll" and I say it a lot! lol.... I've witnessed goats being milked, cows being born, local honey being harvested. I'm friends with the Amish and I absolutely love it here.

There nothing like the shopping in Columbus, Ohio.... or of course the City of Chicago... but there's nothing like Kentucky either. But if you want a little city life, Lexington and Louisville is only just over 100 miles away from here. :) I'm just a city girl who turned country..... do you blame me?

Come visit and say hi!

Blessings, Jean :)


CJ said...

What a wonderful blog!! Absolutely inthralled and hung on every word!! REally does look lke Texas!Only one sugestion....MORE photos please!!
Sweet Harvest Farms

Can I come live there....oh come on pertty please....

CJ said...

Absolutely wonderful!! I was enthralled an hung on every word! It really does look like Texas! Only one suggestion....MORE PHOTOS!!
Sweet Harvest Farms
PS Can I come live with you for a while....oh come on..pertty please....

SweetAnnee said...

I love it..and need to come "see the sights"

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Jean! I've always said if I moved from'd be to KENTUCKY! Ya'll come...
~Thanks Jean Bean~

Lana said...

Jean, I enjoyed reading about and seeing more of KY through your eyes. Thank you!


Hallowed Hill Primitives said...

WooHoo, Jean! Biker chicks can blog! I'm coming down so we can tip a cow together!!!!!


Wendy said...

Very well done Jean. Makes me want to move to Kentucky!

Suzanne said...

Wow Jean! Kentucky is beautiful. I can see why you love it there. Thanks for the gorgeous photos.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jean for sharing! I love your way of allowing us to see your life and love for KY. I also live in KY close to Lexington. I agree with you. May each day we see clearer the beautiful gifts which surround us. We truly are blessed. Rilda :)

Anonymous said...

Kentucky sounds very inviting. Don't be surprised if I knock on your door one day Ms. Jean!!

Chatty Kathy
Palmetto Prims