Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring has finally sprung!

At least it has here on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee. The weather has been wonderful lately! Today the sun was shining, a breeze was blowing, the birds were on my deck singing ~ I had the French doors open so we could watch one another, and I had a load of laundry on the line, flapping in the breeze. I pruned some bushes and vines, and totally cut some down that were killed last year after a late spring freeze. I left them last year hoping they would revive, but no such luck. We already have onions peeping out of the ground! We planted cabbage last week, and today, my husband plowed, tilled, and planted potatoes while I went grocery shopping ~ something that only reinforced the reason we are planting a larger garden this year ~ have you noticed the prices of food items lately? Now if we can only buy a milk cow, lol! In the meantime, just look what arrived early the first day of Spring! Gypsy, our Tennessee Walking horse, had a baby! His name is Smokey and mama is so proud of him! Please visit my personal blog to read more about him this weekend.
Don't forget to visit The Primitive Gathering. April is our birthday month and there'll be lots of prizes offered!
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Anonymous said...

How adorable your horses are!

NanaKaren said...

Gypsy looks like one proud mama! Baby is so cute!

Sea Angels said...

What a beautiful family, how wonderful.
Thankyou for your visit,most of the photo's you saw are of my own work, just the first two are from the magazine, maybe thats why you could not find them, well you are always welcome to come back for extra charge ha ha. Have a lovely weekend.
Lynn xx