Monday, November 26, 2007

An Anniversary Wish

~Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoyed the time with friends and family.~

Speaking of family, my parents celebrate their 49th wedding anniversary today! Congratulations to both of them!! They will both turn 70 next year (hope they don't mind that I'm telling their ages!), and after both retired from careers, they decided to spend their "golden years" as foreign missionaries.
So far, in their lives as missionaries they've spent 2 years in China teaching English to Chinese students, and now they are helping with the earthquake efforts in Peru. makes me tired just thinking about it! I hope I have that much stamina and energy when I'm 69! Hugs to the world travelers, otherwise known as Mom and Dad, from your family who is waiting for your return home.

Suzanne~Pear Tree Primitives

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