Friday, August 24, 2007

Summer Vacation is Over!

The beginning of school for us on Monday seemed to end the fun of Summer for our family. It's back to work for Dad (he teaches half days as a High School Choir Director) and back to the books and computer for me and my two boys. This is the second year we have been enrolled in an online charter school.
It's great for Mom (me) because the curriculum is set up for each child, so I'm not having to find curriculum and create lesson plans. And there is also an actual building where we go once a week and talk with real people! to make sure we are staying on track and for any help we might need...Did I mention one of my sons is taking Pre-Algebra? I'm the one that needs the extra help!

Just a quick announcement, or reminder for those who already know:

The Primitive Gathering will be having a Fall Auction on Ebay starting Sunday, August 26th, and continuing all week long. Please type in PGKS in the search box to see all the wonderful hand-dids by the talented artists of The Primitive Gathering.

Suzanne ~Pear Tree Primitives


Lorraine said... time here too...but I'm taking the easy way and sending Mikey to school, haha...:o)
Have fun!!

SweetAnnee said...

Can't believe how swift the summer passed..
Fondly , deena