Monday, July 2, 2007

Hello From Whendi's Bears

Hi- I am Wendy Meagher (pronounced Mahar) of Whendi’s Bears. I have been making early style mohair teddy bears and other unique creations for the past 15 years. I am one of the artists that make up this wonderful & talented group called The Primitive Gathering.

I thought I would start my first post, telling you a little bit about myself and where I live….I don’t want to bore you too much so I will keep it brief, I promise!

I live in Upstate NY. Yes, I live in the SNOW capitol of the world. If you saw last winters news reports…..THAT is where I live! We got so much snow last winter, houses were literally buried….remember hearing about that? Each time winter arrives, me and all my neighbors grumble about how much we hate living here and want to fly south for the winter. They call those people, “snowbirds”. This is a picture of us (well, not me, I was standing safe on the ground supervising) shoveling the snow from the roof of the barn…notice the harnesses & tie downs so they didn’t fall off!

Despite all the snow we receive, it really is a nice place to live. Although there is not many cool things to do locally, we are within driving distance of many attractions & touristy places to go. Such as Niagara Falls, Canada, Thousand Islands, Adirondack & Catskill Mountains, and of course, New York City, to name just a few bigger places to go. I live on the tip of the Finger Lakes region which offers a variety of delights, like the infamous wineries and great antique shops abound! Not to mention some of the most beautiful lakes in the country. This lake is only 3 miles from my home. What a sunset! And there is Frenchmans Island in the background.
We have friends that have a house in the Thousand Islands which we visit each year. Here is the famous Boldt Castle and in the front is the power house. The next picture is Ashler Tower which was built for the children as a playhouse….WoW, what kid wouldn’t love to have this thing in their back yard!

We just took a recent trip to Niagara Falls this spring for my daughters’ softball tournament, had a great time and took some cool pictures to share.

Believe it or not, I have never been to New York City. So, hopefully, this fall we will take that trip to the Big Apple with another couple. Can’t wait to see all the regular tourist attractions like the Statue of Liberty. We plan on taking the train so we won’t have to drive and worry about a car. If you have been there and have any advice for us (ie, places to go, places to stay away from), your comments are most appreciated!

You may not know but along with 2 teenage daughters, I own 3 horses! I call the 3 horses my ‘boys’, well, because they are all male horses and I don’t have any boy children. I don’t actually know where I get the time to do anything with them other than feed and clean but when I actually get to work with them, I totally enjoy it. Here is a pic of me working with the baby boy, Jack.

Me & my girls used to show the horses but now that they are older they have found other interests. Every now and then I can get all of us together to enjoy a trail ride….my most favorite thing to do! My husband is not really fond of the horses, he would much rather ride on something that you fill up with gas, but on a very rare occasion I can get just the two of us out on the trails!

Thanks for visiting our blog and learning a little bit more about each artist in the group


Lana said...

Wendy, I enjoyed reading about you and your family and horses. The area in which you live is gorgeous (despite the deep snows!).


Hallowed Hill Primitives said...

Great job, Wendy. I am glad to learn how to pronounce your name -- since I've been saying it wrong for months now!

I was at the Falls a year ago March (we were in Buffalo for the state swim championships). I took almost the same photo of my daughter and her friends!

Thanks for giving us taste of Upsate New York!

from Downstate

Lorraine said...

Thanks for sharing about yourself, Wendy!!! Great job!!

Sylvia Anderson said...

Wow...that is some deep snow!!! I too have been saying your name wrong for months, so thank you for letting us all know the proper pronunciation! :)